We’re proud to represent the following products & companies:


Duct Cleaning/IAQ testing Equipment and Video Inspection Systems

Air-Split Systems

Split (9,000-30,000 btu) Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps


T5 & T8 High Bay Lighting and Fluorescent Lighting

Apollo Fans

Range Hoods, Booster Fans, Bath Fans and Inline Exhaust


Dust Collectors & Source Capture Equipment

Breidert Air Products

Wall Prop, Roof Exhaust and Inline Fans, Vents and Utility Sets

Cesco Products

Fire/Smoke Dampers, Louvers, Ventilation Access Doors and Panels

Connessione Scientific

Security Technology and Indoor Air Quality Equipment

Dayus Registers & Grilles

Grilles, Registers and Linear Diffusers

Delhi Industries

Duct Blowers, Coils, Fresh Air Supply and Utility/Inclined Blowers

Emerald Air System

HVAC Wall-to-Wall, Floor-to Ceiling temp Balance (PLUS Cuts Greenhouse Gas & CO2 up to 30%)

Energy Mist

Increases Peak Cooling Capacity, Lowers Peak Demand & Extends Compressor Life

Energy Solutions International, Inc.

High performance lighting products

Flo Logic Systems

The ‘Circuit Breaker’ for Home Plumbing Systems Detects & Stops Problem Water-flow From Leaking Pipes


Flow-E-Con Fabric Air Diffuser Systems

HVAC Covers

Custom-fit AC & Pool Heater Covers


Hi-Bay Fluorescent Lighting / Office Lighting / Sports Lighting

Medical Air Solutions

Aerobiological Engineering and Air Security Specialists

MGM Steel Products

Galvanized, CRS, Paint Grip, Aluminized, Stainless, Perforated and PVC


National Systems of Garage Ventilation

Pull-up/Overhead/Under-Floor Ventilation Systems and Retro-fit



Laser Quick-Fit Clamp-Together Duct System


Continuous Filtration System for Forced-Air Furnaces


Premier Clamp-Together Duct Systems

Reversomatic Fans

Range Hoods, Booster Fans, Bath Fans and Inline Exhaust

Sunvent Industries

Complete Line of Aluminum Brick Vents

Superior Storage Systems

Material Handling and Storage Equipment

Tangent Air

Spiral Duct & Fittings, Round/Oval/Double-Wall, Round and Oval Industrial

Tri Dim Air Filters

Complete Line of Innovative Air Filtration Products

Universal Spiral Air

Round Spiral, Oval & Rectangular Duct Systems and Fittings